Tuesday, February 2, 2010


recently i have gotten a heavy burden for people of my past. i remember people that used to pray for me when i was a child. these people really made an impact in my life. at the time i was 8 or 9 years old, and in church mostly to see friends, but these people used to pray in the alter over me. they were showing me there was something more to church than play time. well now i am 35 years old and sold out.i look at pictures of the people that now i know were spiritually tuned in, and the dont look holy.the have very questionable pics on different sites, but still claim to be holy.they have pictures in very questionable places, wearing very questionable clothes,that they would not have worn 20 yrs. ago. romans 6:19-22 speaks about yielding to holiness and righteousness. if we are the body of christ lets SHOW IT. the bible says we have to be set apart. a very wise man once said "if you look like the world, and act like the world, you must be the world." how can we expect to win anybody to the lord, if we are not sold out ourselves?

there is also a problem with the way i hear some christians talk. 2timothy 2:15-16 says to show yourself approved unto god,a workman that dont need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of god, but shun vain and profane babblings. come on people, lets step it up to the next level. dont be satisfied with your walk with god just riding the pews. there is no telling how god will use you if you commit yourself to his will, and desire for your life. matt 12:33-35 the bible also says what is in your heart will show itself on the outside.

people are looking to us every day, and we dont even know it. some people look for us to make mistakes, while others are looking for encouragement. lets be holy. lets do what god has put us here for. lets check ourselves everyday. at the end of the day we all need to ask ourselves "Have i been christlike today? Did i do anything that may have been misleading? Have i told a joke that may have been off color? If god was standing next to me all day, is there anything i would have done differently?" if any of your answers to these questions are disappointing to god, we need to up our standards. remember god is next to you all day. lets try to be like the apostles, and change the world. everyone knows we need it.
god bless you all. and have a wonderful day.
remember you are being watched.

j loveless

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  1. This is Stephen. I have read this Brother Johnny, and I thought that this was very good, and well thought out. Many write without thinking, and put things on here that they do not need to put on here. But, I can tell you thought about your feelings before you acted. Stay strong brother Johnny. God Bless!