Monday, June 28, 2010

that was then ... this is now

I would like to introduce everyone to someone I once knew. I will call his name Lost.

Lost was a boy who went to church with his grandma when he was little, because he liked playing with his friends after church. He went to church outtings on a fairly regular basis. He spent some time in sunday school where he got to here alot of bible stories. He learned a little along the way, but never really took the time to think about any of it.

As time went by, and he grew older,he lost interest in spending time in the church. He didn't spend much time with his church buddies either. By the time he was in high school he didn't go to church hardly at all. Every now and then ,maybe two or three times a year, he would go when asked.
You see Lost had a mom that was sold out to God, and whether Lost went or not ,his mom never stopped praying for him. Well it was actually his step mom, but Lost never thought of her as anything less than a real mom.

Lost's parents got a divorce when he was a baby, and his dad got remarried when he was still very young. Lost would go back and forth from living with each parent on a regular basis, so Lost considered himself as having two real moms.

Through high school Lost got into alot of different things. He had some friends that were not the best kids in the neihborhood, but you couldn't really tell unless you really knew them. They would get into a little trouble all along, but Lost would never be involved. For some reason Lost was never around when the trouble started.

Now let me tell you about someone else. I will call him J. J is a guy several hundred miles away that does not have any idea who Lost is. Ironicly, he is in bars drinking and being a heathen also. I cant go into a lot of details, because I dont want to tell to much about this person without his approval. J is into alot of stuff he shouldnt be. He ends up marrying an incredible woman, and having a couple kids also.

As time went by Lost moved away to live with his biological mom. After he had been there a few days, he met an amazing girl. They started dating shortly after that. They dated for a couple of years, and then they got married.

This did not make Lost any better of a person. Over the next several years they had a couple children. He always provided for his family, but still had issues with some things. Lost and his wife started going out drinking with friends on the weekends. Lost had a very flirty personality, and that never worked real good with drinking. It was bad enough without drinking. Lost let that get him in trouble a time or two. Well it happened again, but this time it has possibly cost him his family.

Lost and his wife decide they are going to try to make this work, but they both know there are some changes needing to be made. They have tried everything in the world together except god ,so they turn to god. It just so happens that the church they begin to go to is the same church J and his family have been going to for several years now.

To begin with Lost got in church whole heartedly, but his wife was badly hurt emotionly from the things Lost had done to her. J's wife turned to Lost's wife, and they became best friends. Lost and J also became best friends. Lost wife did eventually heal and forgive Lost.

Now let me fast forward a few years.Lost is no longer lost. He is now Johnny Loveless. He is now trying to reach his world with the gospel. He sings for the Lord. He reaches out to the children, and guides them away from things that he has more knowledge of.

Lost's wife is now Mary Loveless. She is an awsome woman of God, who also sings for the Lord. She spreads the gospel to everyone who will hear, most people who dont want to hear it, but she tells them anyway.

How can you keep to yourself the grace and mercy of a god who forgives all the filthy things in your life, and makes you a new creature.

J is Jay lewis, who I would like to thank for being my best friend. For being there when I call at 2 am, and he never fails to come through for me.

His wife is Rhonda Lewis who I know personally has spent many sleepless nights in prayer for me and Mary.

I would like to say thank you to my mom for the prayers that went up for me when it could have been spent doing something else.

Thank Brother Phillip Harrelson and Bro. Patterson for not minding the gray hair on his head that I'm responsible for.

I am not where i want to be, but thank god I'm not where I used to be

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